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Seattle Software Developers has another hit; BabelBark the app for pets

Tanida Aye & Yukon the newest BabelBark clients Tanida Aye & Yukon the newest BabelBark clients
29 Mar

The internet is such a relatively young industry that changes so quickly, just being a name that’s been around for the last ten years is a major stretch.

Most of the huge names on the web that we all know have barely been around that long and lasting twenty years is a rare feat, one usually only reserved for the biggest companies. Being around for almost thirty years is a singular accomplishment, something like the dot com equivalent of summiting Mount Everest or walking the Appalachian Trail. There are so few people who can brag of such a thing, it’s worth listening to the ones who do.

Seattle software developers has survived the test of time.

In the last three decades, software development firms have had to diversify what they adding web design or UI work. Gone are the days of assembling web pages together and or coding a solution and being done with it.

With apps, user interfaces, gaming and mobile development quickly moving to the forefront, only the best firms have the skills and flexibility to change with the times and Seattle Software Developers is becoming the boutique solution not only for Northwest startups but  also clients as far away as China and Taiwan.

Founded in 1989, Seattle Software Developers is smack dab in the area known as Silicon Forest and they are not just another Seattle company. Technically, the company is not even in Seattle.  

With its main office in Bellevue, Washington, this collective of former Microsoft and Google employees has branched out into offices in London, Rome and Augsburg, Germany.  Their vintage 1970's style office situated in the old historic section of Bellevue is filled with vintage movie posters and even Jimi Hendrix's 1964 Fender twin Reverb.

Launching their first website on the net on Alta vista back in 1989 in a time where most people had no idea the Internet existed, Seattle Software Developers has explored the early days venturing into advertising before focusing on coding systems. The founder of the company developed most of Alta Vista's search algorithm which became the foundation for search engines like Google and Bing.

Seattle Software Developers have had their ranks bolstered by former members of both companies and have managed to boost their networks by meshing with the Internet icons while happily maintaining their independence in such a way that many large fortune 500 firms flock to the small boutique Bellevue firm to get some special “Mac sauce” sprinkled on their apps and developments.

That solo spirit has led to the development of dozens of websites, countless print projects, games designed from the ground up and countless apps emerging at a steady rate and two of the software developers gaming apps have hit the top ten.

According to managing partner Julian Valentine,  Seattle Software Developers’ is currently concentrating on their newest build which is going to change the pet care industry forever.

Their client BabelBark, is a unique pet application that functions as a website, an app, and a platform all in one.  BabelBark has become one of the important developments of Seattle Software Developers career and will completely change the pet care industry as we know it.

With almost 65% of families in the United States caring for pets, BabelBark keeps track of healthcare and pet management.

With the advent of big box pet stores, the pet supply industry accounts for tens of billions of dollars spent. People are spending more on their pets than ever before and that kind of money inspires people to want to shop around, ensuring that they’re getting the best for their furry family.

What BabelBark offers is the ability to keep everything your dog could ever want in one place as well as track down new options for doctors, pet food and toys all on your phone. A free mobile application, BabelBark offers an optional tracker for your dog's collar that helps you track and manage your dog’s needs by connecting your dog's information and activity with your veterinarian, local pet store, dog walker, pet sitter and kennel.  The app also offers alerts for reminders, coupons, and discounts on all the things your four-legged friend needs.

The thing that makes BabelBark so game-changing is how it connects your dog’s information with your favorite veterinarian and pet businesses to ensure scheduling check-ups and grooming appointments are easier to make and to keep. The app securely stores and shares your dog’s medical records, pet licenses, lost & found information and care details. Using the app as a tracker, you can easily collect details about your dog's diet, activity and medical dosage, making it easier to give an accurate rundown the next time your dog has to see their doctor.

Additionally, the app allows for Yelp-like browsing of pet stores, vets, groomers and other pet services in your neighborhood, using ratings to track down the best option for your dog.  The app also includes detailed nutritional information for nearly 800 dog food brands and consumer information sheets for over 2,000 medications and supplements, ensuring you’ll never wonder just what you’re putting in Fido’s bowl or what the side-effects from their medication might be. While walking the dog might be a chore at times, now you can track your route and mileage with the built-in GPS or more closely monitor your dog’s daily activity with the optional tracker. If you or your dog is a Type-A personality, you can also use the app to set goals for your dog’s daily fitness, diet and medicine intake.

The internet is awash with various apps and platforms available for all the separate aspects of dog ownership, but combining them all together ensures the human in charge of everything is able to keep it all straight. Plus, with its focus on independent services, you can feel better about supporting your community while keeping your pet happy. The founders of BabelBark believe that regional, independent businesses have an advantage over corporate giants and big box stores that may offer convenience but lack that human touch.

The sense of community that BabelBark fosters is its secret ingredient. With a reliance on local business and the opinions of fellow users, BabelBark hopes to make dog owner solidarity not just a thing that exists only in dog parks, but sits comfortably in your pocket. As it’s begun rolling out, BabelBark is connecting thousands of veterinarians and dog service providers with dog parents across the country.  Small businesses are offering deals to their local customers on the newest dog toys in stock. Dogs quality of life is improving while their humans have more time to enjoy with their fur-faced friend.

Back in the Silicon Forest, Seattle Software Developers were able to implement everything their clients had in mind to smoothly roll out BabelBark to the public. Now that it’s been stress-tested and debugged, the coders are busy making small changes to BabelBark, tweaking the platform, website and app for an even smoother experience. As more people download and use the service and as more vets and pet stores register, new adjustments become necessary to make it even easier to switch from making an appointment with the groomer down the street to checking whether there’s a better food option for Rover in the meantime.

Even as they juggle new projects coming in daily, Seattle Software Developers have had decades of time and experience on the job, making them able to easily juggle a workload that would stun most companies and make sure they get it right. As the Internet continues to shift and change, Seattle Software Developers will be around to make sure that platforms like BabelBark and their other clients are able to adjust to whatever new online innovations arrive, the same way they’ve been there to help the Internet evolve over the last thirty years.